So so good for breakfast

UPDATED FROM THE ORIGINAL POST WITH A FEW ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS!!!! (Because I care about my readers.) If I’m counting correctly, this is my third ever post about what I had for breakfast. Today’s creation was so good, I had to crow about it. I wish I had taken a photo, but I’ll just do the … Continue reading So so good for breakfast

Facebook detox, Part Three (a juicy rationalization)

For anyone following the story of my recent quitting Facebook, I need to confess what I did just now: I reactivated my Facebook account. I have found that completely not existing there (which is how deactivating an account reads to other users—as if Rebecca Kuder doesn’t exist) seems like it’s more a hindrance to me and my writing. This is another … Continue reading Facebook detox, Part Three (a juicy rationalization)

On being specific

When I was studying theatre, good directors always talked about being exquisitely specific in our choices as actors. The character had to be known in the body of the actor, imagined in clear view. Knowing what the character had for breakfast, down to the amount of milk they poured on their overcooked (or undercooked) oatmeal. … Continue reading On being specific