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5 minutes of inner critic love

Dear readers, Here’s a little something I did with the middle school students this week. I thought you might like it, too. You can do this exercise as often as you want to. Also, you can take more time with … Continue reading

FREE Inner critic workshop (YS library, Oct. 22)

Please spread the word! It’s going to be fun! For more info: Inner Critic Workshop   Monday, October 22, 2018 (6:30PM – 8:00PM) Yellow Springs Community Library Virginia Hamilton Meeting Room Description Rebecca Kuder is offering this engaging workshop that will allow people … Continue reading

The inner critic is everywhere! But that won’t stop us, no!

Recently I had the pleasure of teaching at the Antioch Writers’ Workshop‘s Dive Into Your Story: Where do you get your ideas?. We dealt with the inner critic and how to renegotiate the relationship, moving aside the noise so we can … Continue reading

Letter to the Inner Critic (11/19/17)

Here’s a leftover I meant to post from my November inner critic letter-a-day challenge (to myself). Uncooked, raw, basically how it came out. Also: in the letter below, where I write “I was born to fly”, I would clarify that … Continue reading

Letter to the inner critic: Day 5 (fragments for the lying liar)

(I blogged here about writing a letter to the inner critic for 30 days. You are still/always welcome to join me! Fragments from today’s letter are below. Disclaimer: The inner critic, for me, is many things, and can sometimes be … Continue reading

“Go away, you rainsnout…” NOVEMBER! (30 days with the inner critic)

Dear people, I am issuing a gift/challenge/invitation for the month of November (a month I love to abhor, by way of Tom Waits’ “November,” which you can see him perform here and read lyrics below.). (If you read this after November, … Continue reading

(Ode to the inner critic, Monday)

(By Andrea Davis Pinkney, from her book, The Red Pencil. This poem seems to be a sort of ode to the inner critic.) ERASE At the red pencil’s end stands a hard lump of clay. I do not like its green. So … Continue reading

The problem with thinking

What works best, as a way in? The idea, or the image? The problem with THINKING (about IDEAS) in your HEAD. (This is adapted from a presentation I gave at the Antioch Writers’ Workshop in March of 2018.) How many … Continue reading

2020 workshops and coaching

Dear humans, This fall, I’m offering workshops and coaching! Practice and sustain creativity in community, artistic, academic, and private settings. Meld mindfulness and a sense of play to re-envision creative work, reveal and heal the relationship with the inner critic, … Continue reading

Crooked Deals, by Hafiz

Before an inner critic workshop with my 9th grade class, I thought I’d look for a poem to read while we did power poses—something to fill the awkward moment of power posing in a room full of teenagers, something for … Continue reading