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A few more days of Langford art in Yellow Springs!

Friends, you are in luck, but you better act soon: There are only a few more days to see and purchase Jon Langford’s art at Emporium. Get your hides over there to bask in the light where art, music, and … Continue reading

YS News piece on Antioch School Gala & Jon Langford

Here’s a piece the Yellow Springs News posted about this weekend’s Langford-palooza.  It’s going to be fun!  If you’re able to do so, listen to WYSO at 12:15pm today when Niki Dakota will interview Jon Langford.

DCP piece about Jon Langford & Antioch School Fundraiser

Read the Dayton City Paper piece about Jon Langford and the Antioch School Gala here!  (However: Please note that the Gala is happening ONE NIGHT ONLY!  Saturday, March 4, at 6pm.  For more information, or to buy tickets, you can call … Continue reading

Jon Langford To Headline Antioch School Fundraiser

From the Antioch School press release: The Antioch School’s 2017 Auction Gala will feature an intimate concert with internationally-celebrated songwriter and painter Jon Langford on Saturday, March 4, 6pm, at the Foundry Theater, Antioch College campus, 920 Corry St., Yellow … Continue reading

A live encounter with Jon Langford’s Here Be Monsters

On April 9, I had the pleasure of seeing Jon Langford and Skull Orchard rock the stained glass out of Newport, Kentucky’s Southgate House Revival. (Okay, I’m exaggerating. The windows are still there, or they were when I left the church/club, as evidenced … Continue reading

Ode to Jon Langford (and Interdisciplinary Aesthetics) Part 2

In Part 1 of my Ode to Jon Langford, I only mentioned his visual art passingly.  But his artwork is not second to his music.  The visual and sonic are entangled in the best kind of way.  As Langford wrote, … Continue reading

Ode to Jon Langford (and Interdisciplinary Aesthetics) Part 1

My soul has been itching to post about seeing Jon Langford in Cincinnati.  Now, spring evaluations turned in and a writing deadline met (with almost 2 hours to spare) I can breathe in and out and recall that evening… Jon … Continue reading

Existence & if it were another world

Listening to the Mekons EXISTENTIALISM this morning, I spoke parts of the following to my husband…jet-lagged, and not as precise as I’d like to think is my usual, here’s an attempt to capture my words/thoughts, after a little more caffeine: … Continue reading

Support the country’s oldest democratic school (& have some fun, too!)…

Dear Readers, Happy Friday! Here’s a sweet video of Jon Langford and Jean Cook doing the song “Are You An Entertainer?”  If you have 4 minutes and 54 seconds to watch it, please do (you’ll thank me!). And if you’re near … Continue reading

L’il ray o’ light, March 4

Sometimes things that are beautiful and true endure in the world…coalesce in the midst of  what seems like unrelenting darkness to one crystalline time and place. Here’s one such moment: Jon Langford and Jean Cook will provide entertainment at the 21st Annual Antioch … Continue reading