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A useful process from Lynda Barry

Since attending WRITING THE UNTHINKABLE with Lynda Barry at Omega Institute in July, I’ve used a process Lynda (aka Professor Andretti) described for writing her amazing novel, Cruddy. I adapted the steps a bit to write a short story. My … Continue reading

Lynda Barry, Omega Institute workshop (scratching the surface)

I can’t yet write deeply/fully about my experience at Lynda Barry’s WRITING THE UNTHINKABLE Omega Institute workshop last week, because it’s all still coalescing, and it’s summertime, and I just don’t have the mind space word space right now.  But I wrote a … Continue reading

The problem with thinking

What works best, as a way in? The idea, or the image? The problem with THINKING (about IDEAS) in your HEAD. (This is adapted from a presentation I gave at the Antioch Writers’ Workshop in March of 2018.) How many … Continue reading

writing with a missing piece of the self

( Of necessity, This blog post was drafted with the assistance of Google docs voice typing. Please excuse Associated errors.) January 12-29, 2020 On Monday evening, January 6th, I tripped and fell backward and tried to catch myself with my … Continue reading

The inner critic is everywhere! But that won’t stop us, no!

Recently I had the pleasure of teaching at the Antioch Writers’ Workshop‘s Dive Into Your Story: Where do you get your ideas?. We dealt with the inner critic and how to renegotiate the relationship, moving aside the noise so we can … Continue reading

“Go away, you rainsnout…” NOVEMBER! (30 days with the inner critic)

Dear people, I am issuing a gift/challenge/invitation for the month of November (a month I love to abhor, by way of Tom Waits’ “November,” which you can see him perform here and read lyrics below.). (If you read this after November, … Continue reading

Register NOW for Writer’s Play Time!

WRITER’S PLAY TIME Rediscover and liberate your sense of play! Unleash your creative spark! Demystify and disarm the inner critical voice that’s holding you back! Nourish any creative process. Inspired by the work of Lynda Barry (Artist and author of … Continue reading

Use your hands.

I just found a great piece of advice (with an exercise!) from Lynda Barry on the Omega website. “I’m worried about our relationship to our hands, and the kind of intuition they make possible. One of the things I love … Continue reading

Mark your calendars: (Free!) Writer’s Play Time in September

I’m thrilled to offer WRITER’S PLAY TIME, a FREE (!) WORKSHOP AT YELLOW SPRINGS LIBRARY, Sunday, September 10, 2017. In other words: Rediscover and liberate your sense of play! Unleash your creative spark! Demystify and disarm the inner critical voice … Continue reading

Everyone gets an A

“Everyone gets an A for napping.” —Lynda Barry, 7/25/16, WRITING THE UNTHINKABLE, Rhinebeck, NY.