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On self-doubt (fuel for writing?)

I got an email from a writer friend who is working on a complicated memoir. She is stuck in the process. In her email, she described the self-doubt that crept in after witnessing a commercial agent dispensing what I consider … Continue reading

5 minutes of inner critic love

Dear readers, Here’s a little something I did with the middle school students this week. I thought you might like it, too. You can do this exercise as often as you want to. Also, you can take more time with … Continue reading

Several free workshops: Come play!

Inner Critic Workshop Monday, October 22, 2018 (6:30PM – 8:00PM) Yellow Springs Community Library 415 Xenia Avenue, Yellow Springs, Ohio Virginia Hamilton Meeting Room Rebecca Kuder is offering this engaging workshop that will allow people to rediscover and liberate a sense of play; … Continue reading

“Go away, you rainsnout…” NOVEMBER! (30 days with the inner critic)

Dear people, I am issuing a gift/challenge/invitation for the month of November (a month I love to abhor, by way of Tom Waits’ “November,” which you can see him perform here and read lyrics below.). (If you read this after November, … Continue reading

How It Felt To Me

In her essay, “On Keeping a Notebook,” Joan Didion writes: “…perhaps it never did snow that August in Vermont…maybe no one else felt the ground hardening and summer already dead even as we pretended to bask in it, but that was … Continue reading

Feet don’t fail me now…

Imagine that!  Again I am thinking about self-doubt as fuel for writing. (I blogged about that idea here.) In that way that interdisciplinary aesthetics happens inside a (my) human body, I was thinking of self-doubt as seemingly insurmountable…music came to me…as Funkadelic used … Continue reading

Things I’ve learned from not getting a publishing contract

I’m incredibly sad and disappointed to report that I’ve not been able to reach an agreement on the contract with the publisher who last year accepted my novel, The Watery Girl. So the deal is off. Aside from the encroaching self-doubt, … Continue reading