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House, Stuff, Fire…

Writing churns things up.  That churning is one of the most fantastic things about writing, one of the things I love, but it’s not comfortable.  Facing things, really looking at things, staring dumbly at things, that kind of minute and … Continue reading

Writing really bad stuff

If you want to write, you have to write some really bad stuff first. You have to sit down, get out paper or computer and put one word in front of the other, like walking, and if you’re lucky, it … Continue reading

More on the stuff

I was thinking more about this having excess stuff in the closet, house, etc. It’s like having a really wordy paragraph. I need to edit. In my house, or closet, I’d rather have clear, good sentences and words, without noisy … Continue reading

How to quiet the stuff…

I have this weird aversion to getting rid of clothes. I don’t know what it is about, but it’s been a trend that I would like to change. I’ve often sorted and winnowed and taken bagfuls to Goodwill, so that’s … Continue reading

The problem with thinking

What works best, as a way in? The idea, or the image? The problem with THINKING (about IDEAS) in your HEAD. (This is adapted from a presentation I gave at the Antioch Writers’ Workshop in March of 2018.) How many … Continue reading

Brightwood, by Tania Unsworth (Author interview)

A couple years ago, when my daughter chose an advance reading copy of Tania Unsworth’s Brightwood at the library (a prize for the reading program), I had no idea we were in for such a treat. The cover looked a bit … Continue reading

“Go away, you rainsnout…” NOVEMBER! (30 days with the inner critic)

Dear people, I am issuing a gift/challenge/invitation for the month of November (a month I love to abhor, by way of Tom Waits’ “November,” which you can see him perform here and read lyrics below.). (If you read this after November, … Continue reading

Breeching Protocol (a birth story)

Breeching Protocol by Rebecca Kuder (An abbreviated version of this essay was published in Midwifery Today, Issue Number 106, Summer 2013.  Following is the essay in its entirety.)   The nurse couldn’t find my cervix. What was I doing here, in this … Continue reading

New old project

Fall cleaning and (finally, again) rifling through piles of paper so I can some day love my office…I found evidence that my new project is actually quite old. Turns out I’ve been writing it for years. It’s hard to articulate … Continue reading


I’ve almost finished with my dollhouse re-vamp as part of spiffing my office. The dollhouse had become like a beach at low tide, catching every small bit the waves cast there. Many of the items in the dollhouse are from … Continue reading