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Short story accepted!

I’m thrilled to announce that my short story “Curb Day” was accepted for Shadows and Tall Trees 7, forthcoming from Undertow Publications. It’s particularly exciting to me because, as I blogged here, in writing this piece, I adapted a process from Lynda Barry‘s … Continue reading

writing from typing, typing from writing, etc.

After writing the short story I blogged about here, I tried another Lynda Barry-inspired approach. Looking at a problematic paragraph in my almost-finished novel (a reader had noticed some point of view shifts and was pulled out of the story), rather … Continue reading

The self-portraits of ‘Igor Stravinsky’

Originally posted on follow the brush:
It’s been two weeks since ‘Writing the Unthinkable’ with Lynda Barry. And what an incredible experience it was: 5 days in a room with the rockstar hero of my creative world! Writing, drawing, looking,…

transportation via image

A week ago, I returned from the Omega Institute where I attended Lynda Barry‘s 5-day workshop called WRITING THE UNTHINKABLE. (I know that I will be writing about the experience for a long time, so I’m not even trying to encapsulate it all … Continue reading

What I might have said at George’s wake

Last weekend, I was in a roomful of people remembering George Romansic. (If you don’t know who George was, you can read something about his work here and elsewhere on the internet.) Some of his people spoke that night, some played music, … Continue reading

Step into the unknown

It seems I’ve been spending a lot of time lately in the unknown. Or maybe I’ve been here all along, and I’m just now realizing (or accepting) the way my feet feel on that cold, clammy ground. Anyway, a couple … Continue reading

Feet don’t fail me now…

Imagine that!  Again I am thinking about self-doubt as fuel for writing. (I blogged about that idea here.) In that way that interdisciplinary aesthetics happens inside a (my) human body, I was thinking of self-doubt as seemingly insurmountable…music came to me…as Funkadelic used … Continue reading

Nearsighted Monkey (or is that farsighted?)

In the continuing drama of when I will receive Lynda Barry’s book, The Nearsighted Monkey, I got this via email today: We’re writing about the order you placed on October 22 2009. Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed … Continue reading

More Nearsighted Monkey madness!

What on earth does getting this email on December 15 mean? “We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on October 22 2009 (Order# 103-4260598-6558627): Lynda Barry “Nearsighted Monkey” Estimated arrival date: November 08 2010 – November 15 … Continue reading

Where, oh where is The Nearsighted Monkey?

I’ve been waiting for months. I keep trying to pre-order it, but it keeps being delayed. As a fan of Lynda Barry, and monkeys, and well, not cigarettes, but you get the idea: I am eager. WHERE IS IT? And … Continue reading