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I’ve almost finished with my dollhouse re-vamp as part of spiffing my office. The dollhouse had become like a beach at low tide, catching every small bit the waves cast there. Many of the items in the dollhouse are from … Continue reading

Clotherings and other silky prose

Lately, my daughter has referred to a book we’re reading (The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman) as “silky.” She’s talking about the prose. I had said it’s really good to read aloud, and she said yeah, it’s silky. I agree. … Continue reading

Craving Omega (an ode to tahini)

Last summer, I went to the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, for a workshop with Lynda Barry. (I’ve blogged about her here.) The food at Omega was really good and really healthy. There was a lot of tahini, especially in a … Continue reading

The allure of old velvet

(Here’s something I forgot to post, from sometime in January…better late than never. We’re having a yard sale this weekend, and it’s junk week, so maybe posting this will inspire me to dig deeper. At least the velvet in question will now … Continue reading

Publication day for Shadows And Tall Trees 7!

Hooray! Today is publication day for Shadows And Tall Trees 7 from Undertow Publications! You can support small press publishing and read some weird stuff by shopping here, and you can also find it on (that gargantuan online book seller). Gorgeous cover art and … Continue reading

A useful process from Lynda Barry

Since attending WRITING THE UNTHINKABLE with Lynda Barry at Omega Institute in July, I’ve used a process Lynda (aka Professor Andretti) described for writing her amazing novel, Cruddy. I adapted the steps a bit to write a short story. My … Continue reading

transportation via image

A week ago, I returned from the Omega Institute where I attended Lynda Barry‘s 5-day workshop called WRITING THE UNTHINKABLE. (I know that I will be writing about the experience for a long time, so I’m not even trying to encapsulate it all … Continue reading

Lynda Barry, Omega Institute workshop (scratching the surface)

I can’t yet write deeply/fully about my experience at Lynda Barry’s WRITING THE UNTHINKABLE Omega Institute workshop last week, because it’s all still coalescing, and it’s summertime, and I just don’t have the mind space word space right now.  But I wrote a … Continue reading

Experiments with raw

I’m trying experiments where I don’t overthink some of the writing I release into the world. Where I don’t polish until it’s as perfect as my ego can make it (perfection is overrated and a lie, anyway.). This (below) is a raw … Continue reading

“How not to buy more babies”

In my computer files, today I found something I had written in June 2011 for one of my daughter’s caretakers. The title of the file is “how not to buy more babies.” Good timing. Last night my husband and I were … Continue reading