Writing & Awards

Rebecca Kuder writes award-winning fiction and creative nonfiction. For creative nonfiction, Rebecca was awarded an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award for FY 2018. Her novel, The Eight Mile Suspended Carnival is forthcoming in 2021 from What Books Press. Currently, Rebecca is working on a memoir about the house where she grew up (which was burned down by the fire department as an exercise).


Rebecca earned her BA in Theatre Arts from Earlham College and her MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. While at Antioch LA, she worked with Jim Krusoe, Tara Ison, Leonard Chang, and Paul Lisicky. Since graduation, she has taken workshops with Lynda Barry, Nick Flynn, and Ariel Gore.


Rebecca redesigned the curriculum and for nearly seven years served as the faculty chair in the Individualized Master of Arts in Creative Writing at Antioch University Midwest. She served on the board of the Antioch Writers’ Workshop, and has taught creative writing at Antioch College, The Modern College of Design, and Stivers School for the Arts. She has also led workshops and given presentations at Antioch Writers’ Workshop, Wright State University, McKinney Middle School, Greene County Public Library, and Into The Blue Yoga.


Rebecca and her husband, the writer Robert Freeman Wexler, live in Yellow Springs, Ohio, with their daughter. When she’s not writing, teaching, or reading, Rebecca likes to make things from fiber, including one-of-a-kind, Sanity Creek Sock Monkeys and other creatures. You can read more about Sanity Creek here:


Rebecca grew up, frequently barefoot, in Yellow Springs, Ohio. At age five, she attended the first Rainbow Family Gathering in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. She wrote her first book, The Hole in the Shirt, when she was seven. Her father mimeographed the book and they sold copies for thirty-five cents each at the local sidewalk sale. In high school, college, and afterwards, Rebecca worked as an actor, stage manager, director. Later she worked in community mental health.

Contact Rebecca at rebecca.kuder(at)

8 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Rebecca, I am the Director of the Emergency and Trauma Center at The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton. I have been involved with Jane in picking the wonderful artwork for our new department. I fell in love with the sock monkeys right away. I would love to purchase some sock monkeys for you. Specifically for my oldest daughter who is having her first baby in January. She also fell in love with the monkeys when she saw them at our opening. She is having a baby girl, Hadley. Do you take orders for the monkeys? Please email me when you can. I would love to have one by November 4, her baby shower. Thanks so much. (the children who come to the ER love the monkeys.)

  2. Hi Rebecca – So glad to have met you last night at Vanessa’s house – hope to see you again soon. I would LOVE to read your novel The Watery Girl! Let me know if you ever give a lecture or class outside of Antioch – I am very interested in your ideas on writing. Thanks again!

  3. I came back to read what I had entered about my cat aggie but can’t find it, can you help me out

  4. hi Rebecca, I have thought of you often since your MFA program. i’m glad to read that you are still writing and hope that you are well. Keith Rand

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