What I had for breakfast

Hello to the five loyal followers of my blog.  If you’ve really been paying attention, one or two of you might recall that I’ve snarked here and elsewhere that one reason blogs annoy me is that even if you are my dear friend, I don’t (necessarily) care what you had for breakfast.

But today, I am going to break my own rule.  Today, I made something that was so, so good, I feel it my duty to break the rule–and if you’re still reading, you must be curious, so why should I hold out on you?

I made brown rice last night.  At our house, my husband and I try to have lots of basic ingredients so we can throw things together to eat.  Beans, rice, etc. are good things to make ahead.  This morning, as a break from the ubiquitous oatmeal, I put into one of our thrift shop Creuset pans a couple cups of cooked brown rice, and maybe a half cup of milk, plus some maple syrup and nutmeg.   (I am not name-dropping Creuset to be pretentious, but because I adore these pans.  They are really expensive, but you can find them discounted or used, and even at retail, they are probably worth their price if you consider cost per use.  They are heavy and non-sticky, and also very beautiful.  I used the little yellow one, in this case, if you need me to paint more of a picture.)

I brought the stuff in the little yellow pan to a slow heat, actually slower than I had planned…I was getting impatient; time was passing and soon we’d be late for the day.  But then it started to warm, and heat, and I stirred it a bit, and it got very creamy.  I didn’t taste it, and thought I’d added too much maple syrup, and perhaps it could have used a little less, but it was so delicious that I’m thinking it is the new comfort food for brutally cold mornings.  I might have to go make some more now, in fact.  It was THAT GOOD.

And that basic recipe sings for more improvisation: cinnamon, honey, nuts, candied ginger, other aromatic and certainly savory spices, cheese, and so on.  Let me know if you try it, and what new variations you invent!

Bon appetit!