“I’ve got a theory, it could be bunnies”

In which Anya confronts her demons...

I’ve always loved that scene in the Buffy musical where Anya rocks out against bunnies. If you haven’t seen it, do.  (Joss et al seem to have locked down movies I used to find on youtube, but you’ll get the idea.)

Because everyone in the land called Facebook seems to be posting something about rabbits today (why? I ask you) I’d like to share a snip from a story I’m writing called “Rabbit, Cat, Girl.”  Here goes:

You want to know about the girl.  I want to tell you.  But I must begin with rabbits.

Here’s what I know: there have been rabbits since the start of the world, gnawing the sharp drygrass when there are no tender green spring shoots.  They burrow into the bases of catalpa trees, and under bushes, hiding like vermin.  Some people find rabbits endearing, benevolent like the smiling Easter Bunny, a chocolate charade, lurking beneath false rebirth of spring.  Soft and so helpless, they hop like little innocents, and grow like armies, eating everything.  Have you ever studied a rabbit’s teeth?