Dented Can of the Week: Hamster Hotel

I read about this place in Nantes, France, where you can pay to pretend you’re a hamster. It strikes me that this is a good way to kick off my optimistically planned, weekly column, “Dented Can of the Week.”

My friend Arden, who has developed an impressive, hilarious, and exquisitely effective argot over the decades, coined the term “Dented Can” to mean a person who was highly damaged at some point in life, and is still playing out, in highly unhealthy ways, the issues that lead to the dent/s. My interpretation of the metaphor includes the fact that a non-dented can might contact botulism from interaction with the contents of said dented can.

Can a whole concept hotel be a “Dented Can?” I guess this rodent-themed auberge is more playful than some weird places might be, but it struck me that places, as well as people, might fit into this category. Discuss…