Lunch Ticket Interview with Tara Ison

Tara Ison

My friend Melissa’s interview with the fabulous writer, Tara Ison (whose essays I blogged about here), is up on Lunch Ticket. What a great interview! Read the interview here. Cheers!

(p.s. Not sure I got the commas right in what I wrote above. Not going to overthink it.)

Seeing Eloise (& belatedly posting)

A mountain (or a small rock), Laguna Beach, 4/3/16

I forgot to mention¬†my essay about seeing the beloved and incomparable¬†Eloise Klein Healy in LA at AWP last spring. Here’s a link to the essay about Eloise. Antioch Los Angeles MFA’s Lunch Ticket is a trove of beautiful and wise words, so please check it out.

Happy reading!