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She approves

Lovely review of Wexler’s The Painting and The City

There’s a very nice review of my husband’s novel at OF Blog of the Fallen.  The reviewer, Larry, really seems to get at what I observed when I watched Robert work on the novel, when he says,

“Wexler’s novel felt as though it were a briskly-paced story that had been stripped of any extraneous fat, leaving the reader with a story that moves at a falsely languid pace until s/he realizes just how quickly things have developed and how engrossed s/he is with what has transpired.”


How can I not swoon?

How can I not swoon, when I see the beautiful cover of the French edition of my husband’s book, The Painting and the City.  It’s gorgeous.  I wish my French were better so I could gush in the appropriate language…

Wexler’s novel on Booklist top ten SF/F for 2010!

Robert Freeman Wexler’s novel, The Painting and The City, was picked for Booklist’s top ten science fiction/fantasy for 2010! Hooray!

(Robert is also known as my husband.)

Wexler reading, Burkett to accompany (March 9)

From a press release someone sent me the other day…I hear he’ll be reading in English, not French.

Robert Freeman Wexler will read from his novel The Painting and the City, Tuesday, March 9, 7 pm, at the Yellow Springs Library, 415 Xenia Avenue, 937-352-4003. He will be accompanied by Brady Burkett of Stark Folk on electric guitar. The Painting and the City tells a story of art and its conflict with commerce, the way art can (literally) reshape the world, and the consequences of such a reshaping. Wexler’s surreal cityscapes combine with Burkett’s guitar improvisation to create a unique listening experience.”

Just in time for the holidays

My husband cracks me up.