The idea of forgiveness has been part of a class that I’m taking this year. Whether and how to forgive, the impact of forgiving (or not forgiving) on others, on oneself. I’m still learning about forgiveness…still deciding how and when to use it.

But I heard something today in a beautiful interview with Guillermo del Toro on Fresh Air. I think I was wrong about him! He really does believe Ofelia. So many things he said in the interview resonated, from the genesis of his inventiveness to the way he sees psychology, dreams, iconography in fiction…still so connected to his child imagination, he clearly values the world an artist creates…he even credits Arthur Rackham as having influenced his imagery. (Rackham illustrated J.M. Barrie’s 1906 Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Barrie and Peter Pan are hugely important to me.)

I will watch the movie again, with new insight from this interview. Thanks for all those who commented on my last entry–you have helped me think about this problem in a different way.

And Guillermo del Toro, if you’re reading this, or even if you’re not, I forgive you.

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