After having recently ranted about overly personal blog posts, here I go, posting more personal stuff.

(Is it personal to divulge the music with which one puts their babies to sleep?)
Tonight, it was Alejandro Escovedo. He’s a major player in our house, majorly played, and often at bedtime. Tonight was a bootleg from a few years ago… not from this show, but here’s a sample of his greatness. Ironically, I was at that Black Swamp Arts show (pictured in the youtube video) with my babe in utero. Alejandro was great, but the sound was horrible, and I was paranoid that her developing eardrums would be damaged, so clutched my purse to my belly, trying to buffer the sound. Eventually my husband and I left early. (We have seen him many times before, and I must say, his pre-Chuck Profitt albums are much better than Alejandro’s collaborations with CP.)

Despite that concert, the baby’s hearing is, luckily, fine. And she loves the music of “Hano,” as she calls him. All’s well that ends well, as the saying goes.

2 thoughts on “More strange lullabies…

  1. I think there is a big range of personal information (obvs), and this is low on the personal scale. Yes, it says something about your taste in music, and people may be able to feel they know something personal about you b/c you like his pre-Chuck Profit albums better than “those collaborations.”

    But in the scheme of over-sharing, this doesn’t even come close to getting a citation.

    Rock–or folk–on maaan!

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