The Asylum Street Spankers usually play in Dayton at the intimate, excellent Canal Street Tavern the night after Thanksgiving. Before I had a baby, my husband and I would generally go see them. But this year they are playing the week before Thanksgiving, which is tomorrow night, and I just found out today, and I probably wouldn’t have been able to go anyway, but DANG! They are such a raucous, good time to see, so DANG, DANG, I say… if you’re in Dayton and want a sure thing, go see them.

I bet that this guy Nathan, who seems to turn up at their Canal Street Tavern shows, will be there. He always gets spanked. It’s a thing. Last time he completely dropped his pants. I think he was kinda drunk.

Tomorrow night, Christina Marrs will say, “Is Nathan here?” and he will be, and I won’t be. DANG!

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