One of my favorite movies is “Dazed and Confused” by Richard Linklater. So many reasons, but I love watching even five random minutes of it. I remember keggers like they had by the moon tower. (Well, parts of keggers.) My high school boyfriend looked and acted kinda like Sasha Jenson, who is pictured wearing overalls on the right in this photo. Sasha Jenson’s extra cool, too, because he was in the original “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” movie, which is not as good at the long-running TV series, but it still counts for something.

When I watch even five minutes of that film, it makes me feel cooler than I actually am.

This scene below seems to be haunting me these days.

Cut to: Pink with an old couple leaving the game.


How’s your Dad doing?


Er, he’s doing great.


This arm ready to throw about two thousand yards next fall?


I don’t know we’ll see.


We’re depending on you boys and let me tell you what. You’re looking good. Thirteen starters coming back. Twenty-two lettermen looking tough.


Er yeah. Well you folks take care.


Okay good to see you Randy.

Richard Linklater can teach master classes at the department of Interdisciplinary Aesthetics. Hope everyone out there is looking tough.

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