Although I’ve never cut her hair, my two year old has a very trendy hairstyle, apparently. (A friend told me that all the teenage girls are wearing a sort of shag/mullet style these days, similar to Merida’s.) So as a public service to those teens, I thought I’d post a new way to do the ‘do. Try this:

1) Have a responsible adult prepare toast with butter.
2) Sit in your high chair and eat some of the toast.
3) Periodically rub your buttery fingers through your hair, concentrating first on the back and sides. (Omit the front of your hair, unless you are going for an extra greasy look.) Make sure to get the “product” evenly distributed through your locks.
4) Look up at your parent or cat, and smile.

2 thoughts on “A new use for butter

  1. Can you please replace the photo of the bread avec butter w/a photo of Merida’s butter-as-pommade hair did? ;)

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