Eco*Mental (formerly known as Living Green) an environmental equipment shop in downtown Yellow Springs, has one of these groovy Shepard Fairey posters hanging on the board near their door.  I walked by several times thinking, “I have to get one of those.”  The image and message make brings back childhood in all the good, rose-colored, overly nostalgic ways.  I went in recently to buy toothbrushes, and saw that they had the design on greeting cards, so I got one.  I put it on my desk…the desk of my atelier.

About a day later, I got an email from someone working on a proposal for artifying a medical center. She wondered if I could do a diorama and story with some of my Sanity Creek Sock Monkeys.  I said, “Sure!”

I’ve only ever made monkeys to be handled, and these three guys will be encased in plexiglass, to be regarded on the wall, 3-D but really 2-D.  I am going to write a combined poem/story for them (I think) and I need to come up with a sketch and BIG PLAN in very short order, which means I need to put writing aside for a short time and do this.

But it’s cool.

Make art.  Not war.

I will keep you posted.

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