Poetry at the Bastille

Yesterday, Bastille Day, is the day I celebrate the birth of my one best cat, my familiar, Houdini Gatallini Bambini Baby-ini.  She was a cat in a million.

In the poetry workshop I’m taking at the AWW, there is a lot of talk about cats, within poems and without.  Shadows of cats against walls, rare breeds, can you really love a cat as you would love a child?  Big questions.  I’m still sorting them out.

I miss her, still, always.

6 responses to “Poetry at the Bastille

  1. Nita Dickerson

    I was just talking to someone about Houdini the other day, we were discussing toilet training cats, and I had to mention yours.

  2. Nita, how crazy I was! And how she purred when she saw the box again. I guess it was worth trying, but I’m sure she would have had a happier life if I’d not put her through that!

  3. Yes, Houdini was one in a million.

  4. Kassie, I’m so glad that I still have people in my life who knew her back when…HUCK!

  5. Oh, I am glad to have known the wonderful Houdini. She was a cat among cats.

  6. Buffie, thanks for your sweet remembrance of herself. Hoping you and your animal friends are all well and happy! Hugs from Ohio!

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