Yesterday, Bastille Day, is the day I celebrate the birth of my one best cat, my familiar, Houdini Gatallini Bambini Baby-ini.  She was a cat in a million.

In the poetry workshop I’m taking at the AWW, there is a lot of talk about cats, within poems and without.  Shadows of cats against walls, rare breeds, can you really love a cat as you would love a child?  Big questions.  I’m still sorting them out.

I miss her, still, always.

6 thoughts on “Poetry at the Bastille

  1. I was just talking to someone about Houdini the other day, we were discussing toilet training cats, and I had to mention yours.

  2. Nita, how crazy I was! And how she purred when she saw the box again. I guess it was worth trying, but I’m sure she would have had a happier life if I’d not put her through that!

  3. Buffie, thanks for your sweet remembrance of herself. Hoping you and your animal friends are all well and happy! Hugs from Ohio!

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