I usually love living in the “sticks,” but the other day, Waste Management left a message telling me they no longer provide curbside recycling at my home.  They said they would be picking up the red bin within five business days and could I please leave it by the curb.

There’s no place for them to take and dump the recycling anymore, apparently.  Yeah, in 2010.  It’s got my blood pressure up!  Especially after spending many minutes today on hold because I wanted to find out WHY, and being subjected to their creepy propaganda recordings (in a smooth, perhaps even comforting female voice) about all the great things Waste Management does for the environment.  I wish I had had a tape recorder.  The recording said that if I was looking for something to do while I was on hold, I should go to a website called “Think Green From Home.”  (I can THINK about recycling, apparently, but can’t actually DO it.)  One line was something like, “Recycling has always been a noble idea, but do you know how many trees blah blah blah Waste Management saved last year? Blah blah blah, So take a deep breath and RECYCLE!”  It actually said that.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Reminded me of that ridiculous dismissal so many years ago, you know, back when we could have actually halted the hell we’re headed into with our current environmental situation, Dick Cheney talking about how sure, it could be considered “virtuous” to conserve fuel, but Americans need to drive their cars.  (Caveat: I have a sedan, and yes, I drive it.)

When I was waiting on hold to find out why the bleep they don’t provide curbside recycling in my area anymore.  The phone rep. said, “This is the first I’m hearing about it…”

To quote Miss Clavel, “Something is not right!”  I want to call Uncle Joon.  I’m sure he or Tony or one of the boys could do something, no?  Does anyone have Junior’s phone number?

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