I just read an interesting article in the NY Times about marginalia.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “reading as a writer” and what that means, how interactive and not passive it can/should be… yet I have trouble writing in books, myself.  So I take a lot of notes, recopy passages, and do my work that way.  Maybe I need to rethink this, and break the water of the pristine book.

3 thoughts on “Writing in books

  1. I remember being horrified when a very progressive high school teacher who introduced me to philosophy encouraged us to write in our books. It’s not a practice I took well to, avoided it mostly for many years, until I hit the Classics program at Antioch. Those books are scribbled in plenty!

    I’ve gotten away from it again, now that I’m back to reading like a normal (?) person, but I take lots of notes on legal pads. And I use lots of Post-it sticky flags to mark pages.

    Funny how we (as writers?) treasure the printed page.

  2. Cyndi, that’s my problem too, maybe over-treasuring. It seems wrong to write in books, and yet I do like to get into a dialogue with the writer when I can, and so why not write? But there’s probably too much respect for books, or something, that holds me back. Then there’s the practical thing: will I want to re-sell this book? If so, do I write in pencil and erase? What a pain. Or do I commit to own this book forever, or commit to not care if others see my reading thoughts? Hmm…

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