This little light of mine...

A tiny, important thing is happening in my yard.  The little white lilac is blooming.

Here’s the history of my beloved, best ever lilac tree.  When I read that old post from 2006, I marvel at how long ago that was in personal years.  Since then, I had a daughter, the country house is larger, now almost roomy, thanks to an addition.  And the white lilac shoot has been moved to its second country house location (to make room for the addition).

A harsh winter, a rainy spring, and now there’s beautiful popcorn on the small tree.  I breathe in its heady fullness.  I look back and think of how I wanted to kick the ass of the people who cut it down.  I think back to how I considered the word “evil” in the cutting down of that good grandmother lilac tree.  (Now, rather than “evil,” I would call it “unskilled,” and the word would not be a euphemism.)

I savor these blooms.  May the years provide many small but important moments to celebrate flexibility, evolution, and the tender cycle of life.

2 thoughts on “The best lilac ever lives on (and blooms)!

  1. Cyndi, what a beautiful thing to discover! What colors? The one at the old house (the grandmother) was a bit of a surprise to me, and it was so amazing. And at the old place, we planted some very sad little “Charlie Brown” lilac trees, I think they were seven dollars each, and they were more like sticks than anything else. But now they are probably my height (not yours!) and thriving. So the cycles continue, and aren’t all interrupted…

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