After my last post, my colleague and I decided to host a discussion on the topic of what to do with our journals.  If you are interested, please do join us.


 Brown Bag Discussion

Writing of a life: Keeping the personal journal, 2.0

When: May 29, 2013, 12:30pm

Where: Antioch University Midwest Library

(900 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, OH 45387)

You’ve kept a journal through the years…perhaps decades.  Your life is documented in those pages, which languish in towers of dusty boxes.  Now what?  It may have been healthy to keep a journal. But is it healthy to reread it?  And, ultimately, what do we do with our journals?

Join Antioch University Midwest faculty Jim Malarkey and Rebecca Kuder for a discussion about what we can do with the pages of our lives.

 This discussion isn’t about how or whether to keep a journal.  It’s for people who have kept a journal for a sustained period of time.  We’ll share our thoughts about what it means to reacquaint with our earlier words and selves, and ideas about what to make of these journals today.

If you’d like, bring one of your journals.

 Please bring your lunch.  Coffee and tea will be provided.

Note: Though this discussion will focus on hand-written journals, electronic journal keepers are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Brown Bag Discussion: Writing of a life

  1. Elaine, I wish you could be here, too! I imagine it will be an ongoing discussion and rumination for me, so I’m sure we will have time to approach the topic over coffee or wine or ether some more, some day…

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