mmmm, childhood!
mmmm, childhood!

The other day, for some reason I remembered Wishbone Russian dressing, which was my favorite when I was a child.  Trying to recreate it, it occurred to me to use my friend Meui’s heavenly smoked paprika.  What resulted is not quite Wishbone Russian, but much better in some ways, and I’m still experimenting.

I used a regular teaspoon, not a teaspoon measure.  And you can make extra–it keeps well in the refrigerator.

(All measurements approximate.)
1 spoonful of smoked paprika from Pepper Forrest Spice Company
1/2 spoonful of honey
3 spoonfuls of rice vinegar
6 spoonfuls of olive oil
salt (to taste)
freshly ground black pepper (to taste)
With a fork, mix smoked paprika and honey and rice vinegar.  Add olive oil slowly, whirring with a fork until it emulsifies.  Add salt and pepper. Drizzle over salad greens and toss.

 (To go for the Wishbone Russian flavor, I keep thinking it might benefit from celery seed, which I do not have in my spice cupboard.  Or maybe I’ll use lemon juice instead of vinegar.  Or maybe add some fresh tomato juice.  Next time!)

3 thoughts on “Wishing for Wishbone Russian dressing

  1. Reblogged this on Adventures on the Spice Trail and commented:
    Our good friend Rebecca Kuder, and her family, love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. She posted the following, which I’d like to share here and expand on! Thanks Rebecca for getting this going! This is the season for salad dressing!

    Wishing for Wishbone Russian dressing, by Rebecca Kuder. She used our Smoked Paprika, an excellent start! I looked up a few other red russian salad dressing recipes, to see what else she is thinking might complete it and found a few things that could be used. They are as follows:

    Add Celery Seeds
    Ketchup (a thick tomato puree i’ll bet would work nicely)
    Worchestshire Sauce
    minced onion

    Give it a go! Now, I’ll have to go give it a go as well!

    Touch of Genie-US! And a Riot of Lusty Spices!!!!!!

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