Walter Matthau, one of my favorite curmudgeons
Walter Matthau, one of my favorite curmudgeons

I was sealing my payment for my Target Card Services payment today.  On the back of the return envelope (which they kindly included with my bill, so I could send the payment) this message is printed in Target red letters:


Perhaps they were trying to fool anyone reading it, using the word “recyclable” to imply (the way our eyes can fool us when we are reading words) that the envelope itself is made from 100% recycled paper.

(I read it again.)

(It’s the return envelope which they included with my bill, so I can send them my payment.)

Underneath the “100% recyclable” message, with an arrow, I wrote:

“I hope someone at Target Card Services reads this and recycles this envelope, because I need to use it to make my payment, so I cannot recycle it right now.  And to answer the ‘PLEASE RECYLE’ please know that whenever I can, I do.”

In case it wasn’t clear years ago, this is just more evidence that I  am a proud member of the curmudgeon club.

3 thoughts on “Where’s my club membership card?

  1. To give them the benefit of the doubt/play the devils advocate – I still get bills mailed to me that I pay online, so I have the opportunity to PLEASE RECYCLE the envelope, etc and if it’s an envelope w/a plastic window, people are not sure if the whole thing can be PLEASE RECYCLE(d) or not, pues… Your response is more funny than curmudgeonly, imHo. :)

    1. Dang. I thought I was being a full on curmudgeon! Oh well. ;) (And in this case, I am already cranky toward Target because of a previous situation too boring to detail here, but have actively chosen paper bill vs. electronic bill, which I know kills trees, but it was my curmudgeonly choice.

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