(That would be me.)
(Some of my best friends used to be cheerleaders.)

I’m at least ten years late to the party, but today I went to my first Zumba class. I love dancing, and I rarely do it; dance parties don’t abound these days. (That needs to change!) The Zumba class was hard, and I was often getting down in the wrong direction, but who cares! The dusty cheerleader inside me was reawakened today. Back in high school, way before MC Hammer ripped off Rick James’ riff, our squad did a pompom routine to Superfreak, before we even really understood the nuances (nuances?) of that song. Today, that superfreaky girl shook the hell out of her behind. At forty-eight, grin on my sweaty face, I am just grateful I still have a behind to shake.

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