(Maybe there’s enough leftover to deck an ottoman?)
(Here’s something I forgot to post, from sometime in January…better late than never. We’re having a yard sale this weekend, and it’s junk week, so maybe posting this will inspire me to dig deeper. At least the velvet in question will now get its literary due.)



Last night, I lay awake and imagined getting rid of all the extra stuff I truly don’t need, and even made decisions about what to let go, magically simplifying, solving my problems of stuff. But course when I woke up, it wasn’t so simple.

For instance, a vintage black velvet dress: I’ve had it since the late 1980s, since college. I used to wear it frequently. It’s big and slouchy and at some point at least a decade ago, I realized I was done wearing it. But I couldn’t get rid of it. I put it in my version of purgatory: the fabric bin.

A few years ago, I took it to a clothing swap with some friends, and someone asked if they could harvest the buttons, and I said sure. (I survived that regret.) But when it was time to pack things up to donate, I couldn’t let the denuded dress go…and so I lovingly carried it home, in tatters.

I bring it out every so often and touch it. It’s got perfect drape; it’s like fluid fur. They don’t make velvet like this anymore. I want to make something of it. A skirt? A hobo bag?  Why? It’s gorgeous, and it’s been with me so long, and…

Often in dreams I create quilts of my many hoarded scraps, think about them and design them while I’m not sleeping at night. I have yet to make the first sketch while awake, the first cut.

This year, I intend to stop hoarding and follow through with these dreams and ideas, or get rid of the stuff.

But today I have to write, and prepare for tomorrow’s class, and so I continue to dream…

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