Beauty Sleeper (by Party In My Pants)

If you want to try some well-made, long-lasting, environmentally friendly cloth menstrual pads, I recommend Party In My Pants. Their pads are great, and their customer service is, too. (And look at that adorable sleep mask!) If you’re curious about how cloth pads work, check out their Frequently Asked Questions.

If you want to shop there and save a little money, you can use this code for a 10% discount: RebeccaK10. Just type it in at checkout for 10% off of orders equal to or over $3.99. It can only be used once per customer and has no expiration date.

(And yes, this post is mercenary: for each 10 customer who use that code, I benefit by getting $10 off my next order. However, you know me. I would only endorse a company and product that I feel 100% great about. This is them.)

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