Although I have more pressing things to do, I decided to make a jeans skirt from a pair of jeans that fit me not that well, but are cool looking. I want to make something like this. I am convinced it will not be flattering, but I need to make it.

This might be inspired by a recent de-junking rampage (though I haven’t gone far enough, clearly, because my office is still full of excess stuff) or the fact that my sewing machine (at which I am a complete novice–I only bought it to make sock monkeys faster) is languishing, unused.

Or maybe it’s a yearning to recapture something of my childhood, which was a tame version of the hippie experience. My family didn’t go to Woodstock, for instance, but we went to the Rainbow Family Gathering.

I’ve also been re-reading Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery, and so the beloved unwashed masses, birthing back on the Farm, the type of people who were around during my youth, are on my mind.

If you haven’t read Spiritual Midwifery, and you are at all interested in hippies, the 1960s and 1970s, or natural birth, read it. The stories are amazing.

If I actually make this skirt, I will post photos.

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