hand_penAs a writing nerd who uses my (large) collection of fountain pens, I recommend that others who want to write try using good equipment. I know some people don’t use the the “good” china, but keep it for special occasions. But I ask: What are you saving it for? Enjoy life now. For me, using good pens and notebooks makes the tactile experience of what I do so much more lovely. It’s like a treat, even when it’s drudgery.

A (possibly superficial) parallel might be: practice dressing for the job you WANT, if it’s not the job you have. When I use my great fountain pens, I feel more like a writer.

I know plenty of writers for whom the instruments are not that precious–and some who actively use more pedestrian tools on purpose, so they feel okay making bad first draft. Everyone is different. Good.

2 thoughts on “Using fountain pens

  1. I realise it’s been a while since this was posted but it still holds good. I use a Lamy Studio with a 1.5mm calligraphy nib for ‘everyday’ use. It’s a bit gash as we use it as a demonstrator and the nib gets switched between sizes for customers to scratch around. We also try different colours of Diamine inks (the joy of running your own pen shop!). The 1.5mm nib really encourages me to slow down, form the letters properly and think what I am going to write before writing it – the influence of the PC is strong but we can resist.

    bob Melvin

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