How things need to be said

How do you say "apple"?

This morning, my daughter was talking about how one of her friends says words.  He’s about two, and words are emerging from his little being.  My daughter said, “He says ‘apple’ how it needs to be said!”  Apple, that powerful and delicious word, its expression  with rewarding payoff in fruit.

I love the phrase “how it needs to be said.”  I wish I knew better how things I need to say need to be said.  All I can say is I’m working on it, working toward it, meanwhile watching the delectable round red fruit of finding the right word, often out of reach…

4 responses to “How things need to be said

  1. The ‘like’ button doesn’t work…but I do like this, however it needs to be said ;-)

  2. Is there a like button? I need to look into that. Thanks!

  3. Nita Dickerson

    What a concept to reach for ;”how it needs to be said”. It works in any aspect of our daily interactions, bringing the gem of kindness into our everyday actions. Thank you!

  4. True, and in a way, this gets at Martin Buber’s I/Thou thing, no? I need to re-read that book, it’s been ages. Thanks for posting!

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