According to Chabon, the “Belafonte” could be Wes Anderson’s Cornell box.

Having just read this gorgeous essay by Michael Chabon, I had to share it with my loyal blog followers.  In the New York Review of Books essay, Chabon gets at precisely what itches my artistic soul and compels me toward interdisciplinary aesthetics.  Chabon gets at how artists (in this case, Wes Anderson, Joseph Cornell, and Vladimir Nabokov) can connect and transcend form.  Reading Chabon’s essay, I felt a sense of more oxygen getting into my lungs, filling my spirit.  Hoping it will give you the same creative uplift.

(I’ve blogged here and elsewhere about my fascination with Wes Anderson.  I haven’t seen Moonlight Kingdom, but it’s high on my list.)

6 thoughts on “The beautiful boxes that some people create, and how we breathe better

  1. Marly, I agree. I feel like it’s something I should read every morning, somehow. Or if they could bottle that feeling, and that moment of taking time to pay attention to these little quiet things, it would make my life better to imbibe regularly.

  2. Wes Anderson is a favorite of mine, Rebecca. I’ve never seen a director with such a distinct style. He isn’t afraid to be himself. Every song and every set is perfectly chosen. He is an inspiration to my work.

  3. Mysteries of Pittsburg… one of my all-time favorite books. Have you read it too?!

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