Hey Jessie, why is my child singing this cloying song?
Hey Jessie, why is my child singing this cloying song?

I finally remembered to google the lyrics that my five-year-old daughter has been singing lately: “Hey Jessie, Hey Jessie, it feels like a party every day!”  In this song, “Jessie” is pronounced with attitude: “Jess-say!”

We don’t have cable.  My daughter doesn’t watch the Disney Channel; she barely understands what a television Channel is.  She learned the song from another nursery schooler.  WHY ARE LITTLE GIRLS SINGING THINGS LIKE “IT FEELS LIKE A PARTY EVERY DAY”?  Okay, any day probably does feel like a party when you’re five, when you can wear your pajamas to school and draw on your skin and be silly.  I don’t think this song is about that kind of party.

And I’m not convinced that’s a human singing.  It’s probably a machine.  Part of the big shiny plastic machine that chews up the natural self-esteem of children, and spits it out in shapes that are no longer recognizable.

(p.s. to followers of my blog: I’ve not been blogging lately because I’m renovating an old house and preparing to move.  Lots to share, when there’s time.  Stay tuned!)

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