On Saturday, March 26, 7am Eastern you can tune in/stream from WYSO to hear Vick Mickunas interview me about The Eight Mile Suspended Carnival. (This is my first ever radio interview!) If you are not awake at 7am Eastern, fear not: eventually, the interview will be available to stream anytime from this page: https://www.wyso.org/show/book-nook.

I’m extremely grateful to Vick Mickunas for taking time to discuss my novel & other ephemera, and more, for creating and sustaining the Book Nook since 1994. And grateful to WYSO for being such a fabulous radio station.

2 thoughts on “Book Nook Interview on WYSO

  1. Congrats, Rebecca! A couple of weeks ago I did an interview with Vick for Book Nook. He’s a great interviewer. It featured my debut novel, The Color of Acceptance. I thought it would post by now, but haven’t yet seen it online. What was your experience with viewing and streaming your interview?
    And Rebecca, it’s great you got your book published. I remember sections of this from our former small writing group. Hope all is well with you.
    Good wishes,
    Carol Siyahi Hicks

    1. Thanks, Carol! And congratulations on your novel, too. I don’t recall how long it took for them to post the interview for streaming, it did take a little while for sure. I look forward to hearing your interview when it’s available. Cheers!

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